Fashion and Apparel Software

Momentis is a global provider of software for fashion and apparel wholesalers, importers, manufacturers, franchisees and self-sourcing retailers. Through our partnerships and alliances with a select group of industry-leading companies that provide complementary technologies, products, and services, we are able to deliver a complete product portfolio to customers worldwide.

Using our sophisticated fashion and apparel software, fashion self-sourcing retailers can track both goods and associated costs from pre-production to distribution and they have immediate visibility of problems at any stage in the supply chain to enable immediate remediation to be undertaken. It is only by imposing this level of control that retailers have the chance to effectively and profitably manage the business, confidently delivering and controlling the product mix demanded in a challenging marketplace.

With a single source of end-to-end information, retailers can gain immediate visibility of every part of the supply chain. This enables the retailer to not only improve collaboration with the supplier but also track products through the entire process, from shipping and onto the distribution centre. With early insight into the timing and location of goods to be shipped, retailers can also ensure the paperwork is in place to achieve pre-clearance through customs, further reducing lead times.

Momentis has been specialising in ERP Apparel, Wholesale, Sourcing, Product Lifecycle Management and Franchisee Management products since 1975. Click here to read about our work with leading fashion retail brands such as Aldo, Diesel, Gymboree, La Senza, Roots and Tribal.