Franchise – Franchisees Software

Specifically designed for the fashion and apparel industry, this robust application enables self-sourcing retailers to help manage their franchisees by staying ahead of customer demand and optimize the delivery of goods.  All the associated features and functionality associated with customer service including order management, allocation, invoicing and accounts receivable are built-in and completely integrated with the Momentis Fashion System™.

  • Simplify order management with the use of Franchisee Connect web portal
  • Enhance customer service with access to the latest inventory availability status
  • Improve efficiency through mass order maintenance tools
  • Streamline processes with flexible allocation scenarios
  • Save time and increase productivity with fast invoicing

Style catalogs are easily published and can be sent via email directly to the franchisees or can be accessed via the Franchisee Connect web portal.

All customer information is consolidated and displayed on one screen.  This includes the latest inventory availability data, customer order status, and customer history information is at your fingertips so you can answer customer questions confidently and efficiently. 

Allocation automates the process of matching goods to orders, and ensures that your top customers receive their orders without delay. Allocation saves hours of manually planning scenarios and physically segregating goods. 

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable modules enable you to effectively manage your cash position and customer credit.  The system automatically checks customer credit before producing or shipping goods, and alerts you of any credit problem customers. 

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