Maximize efficiency, decision making capabilities & profitability

Streamline the entire pre-production process, from the initial design to sample tracking, on a global scale.


Start each style development project running

Access reusable libraries of cost templates, BOM templates, trim packages, raw materials (fabrics, trims, hangtangs/labels), images & colors.


Cut time-to-market

Use critical path management and alerts to keep all functions and processes running on time.


enhance communication

Improve collaboration between departments and with extermal partners. Review conversations in threads and monitor time stamped changes.


Manage by exception

Determine which scenarios need management intervention and set up custom alerts to notify key personnel when they arise.


Make smarter vendor choices

Simulate costs from multiple vendors and compare them head-to-head. Manage all quotes & track sample work orders from the same place.


Access, migrate and share key information

Populate marketing catalogues with images & details directly from PLM. Print stock and custom reports or email them internally or to partners.