Wholesale ERP

Importers, distributors, and manufacturers alike can take advantage of the complete Momentis Fashion System™, an integrated apparel software solution designed with the apparel and fashion industry in mind. From pre-production to distribution and all the steps in between, Momentis can track your goods and all the associated costs to improve your cost efficiency and allow you to stay on top of your apparel manufacturing, distribution or importing business, every step of the way.

We’ve combined our years of experience in the apparel software industry, with leading-edge technology to develop an end-to-end software system that improves overall business processes. With our sophisticated alert system, we give you the visibility and accessibility you need to make informed decisions.

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With our apparel software solution you can eliminate unnecessary steps in the style creation process by having all the information in one central repository, simplify the sourcing process with overseas vendors, improve communication with your sales force, and increase speed to market.

Want to know more about our apparel manufacturing software? Take a tour of the various software modules and see how Momentis Fashion System™ can help to keep your business more competitive in the apparel industry.

If your apparel wholesaling or manufacturing company is looking for a software system that can help you manage product development, sourcing, customer service, costing, in-transit logistics, inventory and much, much more, please email our software sales department today. We'd be happy to provide more information about our company as well as a demonstration of our apparel manufacturing software systems. Have a question about our apparel manufacturing software? Don't hesitate to use our contact form.

If you are looking for a mobile application to connect your field reps to your ERP and customers, click the logo below to find out more about infash.in, Momentis' latest suite of fashion business enhancing applications.