Business Intelligence

Know your stuff

Your data, the way you need it

Use the power of Momentis' BI (Business Intelligence) tool to analyze and drill down into your data. Pre-made dashboards give you the cross-sectional intelligence we know you need. Self-customizable software makes it possible to create your own dashboards to glean the insight you require to make timely, informed decisions. With the BI tool available to download across mobile and desktop devices, you can get important information at a moment's notice from anywhere in the world.

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Sales Scorecard

Sales Analysis Dashboard

Product Scorecard

Shipping Forecast Dashboard

Accounts Receivable Dashboard

Financial Dashboard

Executive Dashboard

Increase efficiency

Momentis' Business Intelligence tool gathers a large amount of data and presents it in a clear way, so you can analyze and act quicker

Improve visibility

Gain clearer insights into your business processes and results with visuals that make key information stand out

Increase sales

With Momentis' business intelligence tool providing instant access to key drivers of success like top styles, selling regions and reps, you can adjust strategies and tactics to maximize revenues

Improve decision making

With key data available at a glance and drill-down capabilities at your finger tips, you can make smarter decisions, faster