Apparel Sourcing & Logistics

Timing is everything

Get what you need, where and when you need it.

With Momentis' Apparel Sourcing module, you can buy from anywhere in the world and manage your shipments with precision, whether you are receiving them at your own warehouse or a 3PL, or having them shipped directly to your customers. Give anyone who needs it visibility into where your merchandise is coming, and when.

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Create POs
Send POs
Manage ETD, ETA, ETW dates
Create Shipments
Manage Shipments
Dropship or Receive at Warehouse
Manage Accounts Payable

Suggested Buy Tool

Freight Forwarder Integration

Easily Split PO lines

3-way Invoice Matching

Actual Cost Updating

Save money

Consolidate demand from multiple channels to increase buying power & cut variable warehouse costs by adhering to a Just In Time (JIT) inventory strategy.

Buy smarter

Use the ‘suggested buy’ feature to automatically generate POs to fulfill demand based on business rules so you always have the right stuff.

Improve visibility

Interface with freight forwarders to import carrier information for each shipment so incoming inventory info is available when you need it.

Improve costing accuracy

Use 3 way matching to apply actual costs to shipments, POs, and individual styles so you can see true margins and plan better.