Sales Order Management

Empowered selling

Optimize B2B and B2C Order Management

Momentis facilitates all elements of the sales order management process. Maintain one true version of your demand from all channels and sources, whether orders are entered manually, transmitted via EDI, or synced via API from your B2C website, eCom partners, B2B apps or retail stores. Automated allocation simplifies sales order management, ensuring that the right customers get the right merchandise on time. Alerts make sure you are aware of potential issues before they happen.

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Create Sales Orders
Send Order Confirmations
Manage Sales Orders
Allocate Inventory
Pick Orders
Send Invoices
Manage Receivables

Take orders via EDI, API & Manual Entry

Automatic Allocate to PO or On-Hand Inventory

Factor Management

Customer Service Dashboard

Credit Management

Increase Sales Volume

Offer your customers to buy your product however they want to, whether that's on the phone, via EDI, on the web, or with your sales reps.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Integrate directly with carriers like FedEx and UPS so that your customers can get live updates on their shipments.

Increase Profits

By managing all orders in one system, when there are stock shortages you can adjust your channel inventory allocation strategy to maximize profits.

Save Time

Automatically allocate sales orders to POs or inventory based on business rules.