Momentis helps you streamline
your design to production process

Whether you design your own lines, specialize in private labels or distribute brands, we have the solution that suits your business. Product lifecycle management (PLM) allows you to create a centralized database while using definable re-usable templates, facilitating collaboration and access to key information for your teams. Bill of Material, cost simulation, multi currency pricing, classifications, images, and more flow from PLM through the rest of the ERP and beyond. Detailed tech packs are readily available.

Increase speed

Streamline the entire pre-production process, from design to sample tracking, through costing and style creation, ensuring products get to market faster.

Increase efficiency

Increase staff efficiency with access to reusable libraries of data and templates for costing, Bill of Material (BOM), Point of Measure, and more. Utilize templates based on garment type defaults with flexible customer parameters where required and produce visually appealing tech pack documents.

Ensure accuracy

Establish a workflow process to reduce duplication errors and increase communication

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is available in both of our products.

Not sure which solutions is the best for your situation?