Insights into your business, anywhere and anytime

The Momentis Business Intelligence (BI) tool transforms your data into visually pleasing and user-friendly dashboards to help you better analyze the trends in your business and stay on top of key insights from inventory to finance and everything in between. With the BI tool available to download across mobile and desktop devices, you can access your custom dashboards on any device, at any time, anywhere and turn your insights into actions!

Real-time reporting and insights

Gain instant access to a large amount of data, presented on user-friendly dashboards, at any time, from any device, anywhere in the world.

Faster decision making

Visually pleasing and user-friendly dashboards help to identify key data and help to make informed decisions, faster.

Increase sales

With Momentis’ business intelligence tool providing real-time access to key drivers of success like top styles, selling regions and reps, you can adjust strategies and tactics quickly to maximize revenues.

Smarter decision making

Use Momentis BI’s Q&A feature to explore your data through a search mechanism and receive answers in the form of charts and graphs.

Business intelligence is available in both of our products.

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