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Give and Take to Drive Customer Satisfaction

A lot has changed since Henry Ford famously said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” Now, in many industries, the customer is king. Sellers, whether B2B or B2C, adjust their product and purchasing options to increase their number of customers, frequency of sales […]

Cultivating B2B Customer Experience Excellence

I love that many brands are trying to get and keep my business by offering exceptional customer experiences. Consistent messaging, mobile applications, creating transactional experiences that are simple or even fun, and immediate access to effective support are just some of the things that make doing business with great companies stand out from the rest. […]

Strength in Agility – Planning for Unforeseen Opportunities

I’m looking to lease a new car. Even though I live in a city where snowy winters are the norm, I can’t stop looking at sports cars and picturing myself driving them through a perpetual summer.  But with a multi-year lease, I really need to be thinking ahead.  Will I start a family?  Will I […]

Balancing Supply and Demand

Do I take a vacation, or put that money towards my retirement, or increase my down payment on a car? Do I go to the sandwich place a block away from my office? Or the one 15 minutes away that bakes their own fresh bread and that I could swear literally uses the secret ingredient […]

The Cost of Doing What You Love

I love food.  Going out to eat is one of my favorite activities, but it’s a habit that can be expensive.  In setting my monthly budget I allocate funds for brunches, lunches and dinners, but as we all know, even the best laid plans often go awry; a new must-try wine or a chef special […]

Exceptional Management – Timing is Everything

Apps are helping me bring management by exception into my daily life.  A step counter lets me know when I’m being too lazy.  A banking app tells me when I’m going over budget.  My phone provider’s app notifies me when I’m close to my data limit for the month.  More and more, the goals and […]

Spring into Action – Brand Building in 2019

I love when winter turns to spring; the sun is still out when I leave work and patio living is right around the corner. I like to celebrate with an update to my wardrobe, which means a trip (online) to see what my favorite brands are up to. Brands have more control over their messaging […]