Our ERP plays nicely with others

Momentis provides connected solutions, since we know that integration to your business partner systems is essential for you.


Publish product content information, inventory, images and promotional pricing in real-time on Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and Big Commerce. Provide the fulfillment of Ecommerce orders as a priority by communicating real-time shipping status to the various platforms. Manage Ecommerce returns with proper tracking and communication

Online Marketplace

As companies are looking to increase selling efficiency with online marketplaces, such as Amazon, JOOR and NuORDER, Momentis has ensured seamless connectors are in place. The automated exchange of information from the ERP system related to customers, products, inventory, allow the various systems to work well together. Order fulfillment, shipping status and retur n management are all simplified.


EDI has been the backbone of communication for years and Momentis prides itself in ensuring that our customers are ready and compliant with their business partners. Major retailers are adapting their business models to stay competitive and offering Ecommerce direct to consumer as they embrace omnichannel solutions. Momentis has developed automation to allow for 24/7 demand processing of Ecommerce that your customers expect.

Retail Point of Sale

Tired of creating styles and purchase orders twice? Connect Momentis Fashion ERP to your retail POS system, whether it be Lightspeed, Mi9, Retail Pro or a host of other POS systems.

Carrier Systems

Offer your customers the possibility of using the best type of carrier for their product delivery. With Momentis you will have the choice of using a multitude of carrier systems as part of the Momentis integration solutions. We will ensure that data is accurately and efficiently shared as part of the overall solution.

Third Party Logistics

The Momentis ERP provides our own Warehouse Management System (WMS), however we know that some customers may have outsourced the process. As such Momentis provides a robust Third-Party Logistics (3PL) integration module which handles all the standard transaction sets. Example 888,943,944,940,945,947.

Retail Systems

Benefit from having a wholesale ERP connected to your retail systems allowing for seamless, automated sharing of data related to product information, inventory, expected receipts and sales reporting

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