Streamline your financial management process

Momentis’ financial management software allows your business to manage your day to day operations and streamline your transactional processing. Gain insight into profitability, reduce redundancies while utilizing integrated reporting, automated sales and cash postings, 3-way matching, estimate and actual costing features. The software works seamlessly with the ERP system, connecting all aspects of the business and benefitting from a centralized database. Allows flexibility for multi-company, multi-currency buying and selling platforms. Utilize powerful Business Intelligence dashboards to gain insights and allow you to make effective decisions, from anywhere, at any time.

Access to powerful reporting:

Dynamic reporting will provide you with increased visibility to real-time, accurate data.

  • Visibility to goods in transit, inventory and receiving reporting
  • Inventory valuation and availability reporting
  • Robust sales, royalty, commission, and gross margin reporting across multiple channels
  • Payable, disbursement, bank reconciliation, trial balance and user-defined financial reporting
  • Credit management and factor credit management reporting
  • Goods received/not paid, goods paid/not received
  • Costing variance reporting

Cost savings

Cost saving 3-way matching features ensure accurate data is being recorded with proper validation controls in place, combining multiple steps into one process: validation, payables, and actual costing.

Reduce redundancy

Integrated and efficient journal entry processing ensures sales and cash are automatically posting to GL to avoid manual interaction and loss of time.

Financial management is available in both of our products.

Not sure which solutions is the best for your situation?