Optimize order management and communications

Momentis facilitates all elements of your omnichannel sales order management process by providing automation and flexible business parameters.

Your apparel ERP will ensure that you have the in-house operational visibility that you need to communicate with your customers, using the technology methods that they require, whether that be EDI or API.

Leverage best practices to guarantee that your order fulfillment is as efficient as possible regardless of how the demand arrives:

  • Manually entered orders
  • EDI transmitted orders
  • Trenza Cloud and Mobile sales apps
  • B2B apps (eg Joor and NuOrder)
  • B2C Ecommerce (eg Shopify, Big Commerce, and more)

Process orders faster

Sales orders are handled expeditiously when they arrive from your various channels: Department Stores, Independents, Amazon, Ecommerce, Shopify, Big Commerce applications, B2B web applications to name a few.

Reduce manual intervention by automating the connections between all the sources and ensure transactions are flowing in the most efficient manner.

Improve customer experience and increase sales

Real-time scheduling features combined with state-of-the-art integrations will position your sales and operations teams to be leaders in customer service and fulfillment, and help increase sales

Increase efficiency

Cement your business’ reputation as an experienced, flexible operation that meets Service Level Agreements (SLA) with ease. Benefit from meaningful sales order classification features to isolate and manage the various channels throughout the business cycle.

Order Management is available in both of our products.

Not sure which solutions is the best for your situation?