Earth Day and how technology can help

April 22, 2021

On Earth Day, we must all take pause and reflect on how our actions—and inactions—affect the planet we all share. Whether young or old, we are the caretakers of our world. It is our responsibility to make it a better place for current generations and generations to come.

It goes without saying that making a difference begins in our day-to-day practices, such as reducing our plastic waste, recycling, composting, and more. Perhaps you have even considered the purchase of an electric car. We must reflect on what changes we are able to make at home, in the workplace, and in our businesses. After all, little actions add up to big impact.

Technology and innovation can benefit the world in many ways, and helping to improve the environment is no exception. Cloud computing and ERP systems can be part of the solution. As they significantly reduce the need for hardware, implementing these systems in your business is a sustainable choice. By reducing the hardware infrastructure, you not only avoid the additional need for on-premises equipment, but you also reduce the energy required to cool the rooms that contain these large machines.

Automated processes within the ERP system allow for digitalization, reducing the paper trail, ink consumption, and helping to maximize the online processing of data. From a process standpoint, this can both help your business and help the environment by eliminating the need for printed sales orders, purchase orders, packing slips, invoices, and many other traditionally printed documents. Business Intelligence Software connected to your ERP will eliminate the need for cumbersome, static printed reports, and instead provide you with better insights into your business with access to real-time data.

Your ERP provider can connect you to a number of digital solutions. Trenza, for example, allows buyers and wholesalers to connect remotely, reducing the need to travel and subsequently reducing their carbon footprints. Online catalogues replace printed collateral, leading to lower paper and ink consumption. Printing fewer catalogues requires less energy to produce them, and in turn reduces the need to transport printed material for distribution.

Discovering how you and your business partners can make a difference by adopting greener solutions in the business world plays a vital role in helping to protect the environment for generations to come.




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