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The 12 Benefits of an ERP System

February 4, 2022

Do you ever feel like you’re working harder than you should have to? It’s a predicament faced by business owners of small startups and large corporate entities alike. No matter your company’s size, working smarter is possible; from improving interdepartmental communications, to giving back critical time to your team, you have everything to gain when you implement an ERP.

Momentis has identified twelve key benefits of an ERP system:

  1. Accountability and Transparency

Transparency enables accountability. A good ERP facilitates access to clear, accurate information between your team, customers and beyond. Systems that communicate across departments enable transparency and create a team that is accountable.

  1. Improved Management

Your ERP should work for you––not the other way around. Ensure that your workflows allow for automation of repetitive processes so your team can focus on the complex ones. Position your company to be ready when business grows and volumes increase.

  1. Centralized Information

Help your team succeed with quicker response times and improved collaboration. By providing a central hub for data, your ERP will allow for one version of the truth.

  1. Reduced Employee Workload

Allow your employees to focus on the tasks that really matter to your business. Give your team a break—automate! An ERP gives your team the right tools, reducing employee workload and expensive manual processes, saving hours, improving accuracy, and more.

  1. Business Transformation

Be prepared, be competitive, be ready. Treat your business to an industry focused ERP solution that will connect, manage, integrate, and drive change with a custom digital transformation that’s a perfect fit for you, your team, and your customers.

Establish modern cloud and mobile solutions tailored to B2B and B2B; Trenza Shop, Trenza Central and Trenza Sell can take your business to the next level.

Benefit from a business intelligence solution that provides anywhere, anytime insights so you can quickly respond to your company’s needs.

  1. Improved Communication and Collaboration

A strong, inclusive business is built on the great communication, which an ERP can provide. Accessing data from one source positions your entire operation (sales, supply chain, finance, customer service, warehouse management and more) with the information required to perform at the highest efficiency level.  Internal progress leads to increased collaboration with your customers.

  1. Fact-based decision making

All in one, and one for all. Reliable decision making begins with consolidating your business information.  Reduce error prone decisions based on poorly connected data sources and exhaustive manual labor efforts.

  1. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Put the focus back on your business. Complex systems can slow down operations and hinder productivity. Position your employees to complete tasks efficiently with streamlined, simplified business operations powered by an ERP solution from Momentis.

  1. Critical Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead of the trends in your industry. It’s critical to be able to adapt to market and business model changes—having the right ERP positions your business for success now and in the future. Modular ERP solutions ensure you are ready for when opportunity strikes.

  1. Improved Customer Relations

Keep your customers number-one. An ERP solution positions your business to communicate with your customers with demand management, product presentations, 24/7 access to your catalogs and order status, inventory control, and more, to ensure customer satisfaction. Delivering excellent customer service begins with the right ERP.

  1. Reduced Operational Costs

Duplication of work, and human error can become quite costly to your business. Establish proper workflows that resolve these issues and incorporate the same within the ERP solution. Work smarter with the Momentis ERP and realize cost savings in all aspects of the business.

  1. Monitored Business Performance

Business Intelligence dashboards and reports help to keep your finger on the pulse of your business. Cloud and mobile technology allow you to have 24/7 access to key data factors.

Leverage the ERP’s centralized data to evaluate your business operations with drill down features, visually appealing reporting and ad-hoc data queries. Eliminate the need for cumbersome canned reports and gain access to real time information with a connected ERP solution.

If your business could benefit from the Momentis ERP, reach out today! Work smarter, not harder, with the Momentis ERP.


The Momentis ERP System was developed for fashion, apparel, footwear and accessory brands, textile, wholesalers, and distributors. Momentis automates and streamlines processes from design to delivery: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Sourcing & Logistics, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Order Management and Financials, and integrates seamlessly with leading B2C, 3PL, POS and other 3rd parties using EDI and APIs. The Trenza software suite is the latest solution that enables your ERP to effectively communicate with Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) solutions, such as Trenza Shop, Trenza Sell, Trenza BI, Amazon, Shopify, Big Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Joor, NuOrder, and more. Blog