How to sell remotely using Trenza Shop, our new B2B sales platform for wholesalers.

March 2, 2021

At about this time last year, we were planning our trips to Las Vegas for MAGIC, one of Fashion’s largest trade shows, where vendors and their clients meet to view the latest collections and place orders. This year, most of us are working from home.  With travel limited to only the essential in 2021, how are wholesalers and buyers working in collaboration to drive their businesses forward? Enter Trenza Shop, our B2B sales platform for wholesalers which provides them with the ability to connect globally, remotely and efficiency to buyers.

Trade Shows were great fun, of course, and we do miss the opportunity to travel, to get away from the office and to meet with existing and new clients. However, there are things that we won’t miss: the sore feet, the long hours, the hustle and bustle of trying to fit in all the meetings, the terrible wi-fi connections in the conference centers, and all of the work that was waiting for us when we came back to the office.

Now imagine if you could recreate this buzz and number of orders all year-round without the hassles? Trenza Shop, our B2B sales app, will allow you to share catalogs, suggested buys and line sheets with buyers at any time, from anywhere. This will allow your users easy access to your collections, the flexibility to work within their own timetable, even from the comfort of their own couch. Sound good? We think so too!

So how does it work?

The sales representative can provide online catalogues, suggested buy orders, and allow their buyers to browse at their leisure and build their carts at their own pace. The sales rep and buyer can also organize a time when both can work together to build the order. Buyers can prepare their orders for the season, work on multiple orders at same time and submit when ready. Conversely the buyer can communicate back to their sales contact and have their representative complete the submission.

Buyers are provided with access to review the catalogues, view their order statuses, and place repeat buys as needed, for maximum convenience.


Here are some of the benefits of using Trenza Shop for remote transactions:

  • 24/7 Brand presence
  • Allow you customers new and old to learn about your products and vision at their leisure
  • Empower your clients to place orders, review catalogs, from anywhere at anytime
  • Provide customers with flexibility to work on multiple orders at their own pace
  • The ability to share your merchandising ideas and strategies in advance
  • More efficient and productive meetings that do not require factoring in travel time
  • Eliminate the cost of printed catalogs, and the cost and hassle of transporting samples to a trade show or to a client’s office
  • Benefit from a more relaxed, pleasant experience. Reduce the pressure of booking orders within a certain time frame
  • Create the ultimate customer experience for your buyers though branded imagery and 360 degree views
  • Ultimately, Trenza Shop will improve your sales experience, increase your brand presence, and save your clients time and money.  The Customer Experience will be greatly improved with our simple and effective web sales platform, connected to the Momentis ERP, which allow for real-time, accurate data and efficient transactions. The platform will let your Brand shine though the use of your unique imagery, helping to position your company as a leader in the marketplace.

Trenza, the new era of B2B sales.

For a peek at how Trenza works, please view this video:



The Momentis Fashion ERP System was developed for fashion, apparel, footwear and accessory brands, wholesalers, and distributors.  Momentis automates and streamlines processes from design to delivery – Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Sourcing & Logistics, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Order Management and Financials – and integrates seamlessly with leading B2C, 3PL, POS and other 3rd parties using EDI and APIs. The software suite also includes cloud and mobile B2B and B2C apps (Trenza) and Momentis’ Business Intelligence.