Momentis and Shopify Join Forces to Help You Sell Online

March 3, 2020

Momentis and Shopify join forces to help you sell better online.

Whether you are already selling online or considering opening an ecommerce shop, let us simplify your day-to-day operations with the Momentis Shopify connector. Automate your Ecommerce process by tapping into the data in the ERP and save time, money and effort all the while reducing errors and getting products to your customer faster. It’s a win-win proposition!

Increase customer satisfaction through:

A near real-time inventory update which helps to prevent cancelled orders

An automated process which results in faster order and tracking updates

A simple returns process managed automatically through the ERP

Key Features of the Shopify Connector

Works in harmony with your Momentis ERP

Creates and updates Shopify products using Momentis Style Master and Marketing information

Handles discounts, taxes and shipping fees on the order

Updates the orders in Shopify with the tracking number obtained through your carrier within minutes

Can also be used as point of sale in a brick and mortar or pop-up shop

Contact us today to get started with Shopify and see how it can help you to increase sales and build brand loyalty through a superior customer experience.


Momentis has over 30 years of experience in providing ERP solutions to wholesalers and retailers in the fashion apparel, accessory and footwear industries, and has recently expanded their offering to manufacturers of home goods and textiles. Blog