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Planning for A New Year

December 21, 2021

The end of a year and the beginning of a new one marks a time for reflection and a focus on future goals.


Reminiscing over the year’s successes and identifying obstacles are essential to moving forward in the new year. Knowing where you’ve been is key to knowing where you’re going; incorporating your wins and losses paves the way for setting fresh goals and prepares you for new challenges.


If you’ve been putting it off, a top new year’s priority should be to finally consolidate your company’s business system applications into one efficient, streamlined solution environment:


  • Integrate your applications, sourcing, supply chain, logistics, design, demand, ecommerce, EDI and business intelligence—to name a few—under the Momentis ERP solution;
  • Improve overall collaboration between departments and solution business partners, benefit from enhanced software offerings and connectors to ecommerce platforms, 3rd party sales application, 3rd party logistic partners;
  • Increase overall operational efficiencies and empower company resources.


Perhaps your company has experienced recent growth and requires additional modules to be activated. Maybe new opportunities or acquisition now require enhanced features. Regardless of the reason, the goals should be the same: prioritizing achievement of the most efficient system solutions in order to incorporate change, and preparing to capitalize on new opportunities.


Over the past year, Momentis has continued to invest in our solutions, welcoming aboard new customers, adding new modules, and sharing success stories with our existing family of accounts.


We’ve recently focused on the following areas to create, enhance, and upgrade features and solutions:


  • Momentis B2B cloud and mobile applications (Trenza Shop and Trenza Sell)
  • Business intelligence dashboards and reporting
  • Ecommerce fulfillment processing
  • Warehouse processing
  • Vendor portal, sourcing, and supply chain improvements
  • EDI automation and EDI direct to consumer processing
  • Connector projects:
  • Joor and Nuorder connectors
  • 3PL warehouse integrations
  • Lightspeed PO connectors
  • BigCommerce
  • TrueCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Shipstation


More than ever, we find organizations requiring centralized workflows and data sharing to improve efficiencies. The concept of having “one version of the truth” has never been more important to improving accuracy and increasing visibility across a company.


Understanding cost is always a concern when planning; consider ERP improvement as an investment with long term benefits and increased ROI.


Momentis prides itself on providing scalable solutions, allowing you to activate and integrate based on your needs. Our goal is to be a value-add partner to your business—we are ready to help you hit the ground running.


Wishing you all a happy holiday season and all the best for the New Year!


The Momentis ERP System was developed for fashion, apparel, footwear and accessory brands, textile, wholesalers, and distributors. Momentis automates and streamlines processes from design to delivery: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Sourcing & Logistics, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Order Management and Financials, and integrates seamlessly with leading B2C, 3PL, POS and other 3rd parties using EDI and APIs. The Trenza software suite is the latest solution that enables your ERP to effectively communicate with Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) solutions, such as Trenza Shop, Trenza Sell, Trenza BI, Amazon, Shopify, Big Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Joor, NuOrder, and more.