Maintain a healthy relationship with your ERP provider.

How to maintain a healthy and productive business relationship with your ERP provider.

December 2, 2020

Anyone who has been in a healthy, long-standing relationship knows that things can sometimes get a bit predictable. Far too often, assumptions settle in. You can assume that you know the answer before a question is even asked, you happily take for granted your partner’s abilities, and you may resign yourself to maintaining the status quo. These are all signs of a level of comfort and trust; however, people and relationships are constantly evolving. There are often new initiatives, new adventures, new challenges, percolating on both sides of a partnership. This is what keeps us on our toes.

The same dynamic exists in business with your ERP provider. Together you have likely faced a variety of challenges throughout the years and have resolved them to allow your business to grow. Your relationship is built on a strong foundation, and while there have likely been some ups and downs, the respect and willingness to work together remains.

As in any successful relationship, business partners should be willing to share feedback in an open and honest way.  The goal is to mutually benefit from the relationship. A true partnership focuses on ensuring both parties are respectful and proud of the accomplishments that they have worked hard to achieve. Connecting with your ERP provider on a regular basis provides insight into the current planning, obstacles, and roadmap items that need to be addressed, for both parties.

The old expression, “if I only knew then what I know now”, holds true when it comes to business and system solutions. Often the current solution may have been limited by the technology that existed at the time of implementation, the stage of a business with regards to budget, availability of key resources and of course, timing.  Revisiting your business flow and system procedures is a productive and worthwhile investment of your time, whether your focus is on one particular challenge or the overall operation.

Bearing the above in mind, what are the key components to a successful and fruitful partnership with your ERP provider?


There is no need to go it alone! Businesses need the support of their partners to succeed in the ever-changing omnichannel landscape. The goal is to connect or re-connect often to facilitate open and ongoing dialogue, whether that be in person (when permitted), or remote meetings. Momentis serves clients in many countries and does not let geography stand in the way of solid business relationships. 

We believe in providing a comfort level that allows for both sides to reach out at any given time to discuss ideas, insights and challenges being faced.

A solid ERP solution provider will be constantly adapting and evolving based on your industry’s requirements and providing new and interesting options to facilitate your business processes.


Changes to the status quo may be a process that begins internally, but it can also be sparked by outside influences.

Communicating with your ERP provider, who are constantly in contact with a client base who face similar situations as your business, is a value-added benefit that you should capitalize on.

At Momentis we welcome the opportunity to work closely with our customer to ensure not only the immediate problems are resolved but long-term challenges are being addressed as part of the provider’s roadmap.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there are great industry best practices that can be shared, and you can gain insights from these brainstorming activities.  There is always room for improvements for cost savings, efficiencies, and increased business growth. The goal is to prioritize, plan and produce the results.


Companies realize that by constantly challenging the status quo, they can discover their spark, their uniqueness that made them a success.

An environment where ideas are welcome and a constant willingness to improve is the norm, will fuel the team and energize the company.

Connect with your ERP partner to discuss the challenges that you are facing and what potential solutions are available.  Build on the partnership with a confidence that all things are possible.

At Momentis we are constantly met with challenges from the businesses we serve, our dynamic client base, the marketplace, and the technology, all of which allow us to formulate our roadmap.

We pride ourselves on working closely with owner managed businesses, realizing the advantage to both parties. We share insights and our vision in order to provide robust solutions, with advanced connection capabilities to allow them to position themselves as a leader in servicing their customers.

Open the dialogue today. Make time for regular check-ins. Discuss your current challenges and discover new solutions.

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