ERP automation to move your business forward in 2021

Why should your business be looking at automation in 2021?

November 3, 2020

Unlock Efficiencies with Automation within your ERP



Why should your business be looking at automation in 2021?  Today, businesses are faced with constant change and economic uncertainty.  In our experience, businesses who have taken advantage of automation within their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system have set themselves up for scalable growth and success. They are ready to capitalize on new opportunities when they present themselves. Are you ready to take your business from spreadsheets and repetitive data entry to a well-oiled business that is automated and set up for success?


Some of the challenges that business face today:


With fewer consumers taking the time to shop brick and mortar stores, and more customers looking to purchase online, Ecommerce and Direct to Consumer (DTC) demands have increased which has resulted in the need for brands to reduce order processing time.  


Businesses are now faced with a higher volume of smaller orders than ever before, with more demanding customers who expect speed and accuracy. The sheer volume of competition requires that companies refine their customer experience and ensure seamless transactions.


How will your brand stand out from the crowd in a sea of fierce competition?


With the changing retail and wholesale landscape in mind, Momentis has re-engineered the historical operation processes around sales order fulfillment to build in automation, enabling you to gain efficiencies and reduce costly manual intervention.


In today’s world demand arrives from multiple channels: EDI, Business to Consumer (B2C), Amazon, Shopify, Business to Business (B2B) sales applications, just to name a few.  Momentis has incorporated scheduling and automation features into the ERP to increase omnichannel efficiencies in all areas of order management. Scheduling and automation allow for 24/7 transaction processing and removes the manual requirements of importing and exporting of transactions, which saves precious time.


All departments will have visibility throughout the entire operation through powerful inquiries, dashboards, monitoring all stages of the order fulfillment: allocation, picking, packing, carrier tracking information, invoicing, returns.


The warehouse department will be able to control the workflows required for each type of demand being processed, utilizing accurate picking routing guides, pick and pack scanning options, interaction with carrier systems, label generation, manifest creation, proforma invoice options and more, all monitored through powerful dashboards.


Momentis found that their clients were facing challenges due to the high volume of ecommerce orders. They were looking for ways to become more efficient to reduce the number of manual interventions to fulfill an order.


As a response to the challenge to build a more efficient process to handle the high volume of smaller shipments required, Momentis provides the Ecommerce Shipping Dashboard.  This powerful feature combines multiple manual operations into one process, which replaces 5 steps (Manifest, ASN, Invoice, 856, 810) to increase productivity and provide on-time information to the customer.


Sales and Finance also benefit from the demand channel classifications to monitor and analyze the volume of each channel to properly adjust targets and react to trends.


Your customers will have on-time, accurate information using the technology platforms they have chosen to work with, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Application Programing Interface (API), etc.


Ensuring a robust, automated fulfillment process to handle all possible channels, has enabled Momentis to provide a seamless, accurate, and dependable order management shipping process.


Revisiting and re-engineering your sales order management process will:


  • improve your overall customer satisfaction
  • increase sales volume
  • reduce costly manual operations
  • ensure you are respecting your SLA (Service Level Agreements)
  • position your company to rapidly take advantage of business opportunities.
  • Ask us about how you can unlock efficiencies with automation to help your business excel.


Momentis has over 30 years of experience in providing ERP solutions to wholesalers and retailers in the fashion apparel, accessory, and footwear industries, and has recently expanded their offering to manufacturers of home goods and textiles. Momentis uses a consultative approach to client relations. Contact us now: